The first product that the creator of Sewfu, Signe, faced with was a “saddle sandbag” and it was ordered by BFM (Baltic Film and Media School) which later became a very good partner in terms of product development and feedback.

Sandbags are commonly used on photo and movie sets as weight to prevent tripods and other equipment from falling over. The first sandbag was made from D600 fabric and got some horrible tasks on the set. Some unlucky bags ended up being ripped and abused after a long week on a set. Luckier ones lasted for 2-3 years, depending of how rough their usage on the set was.

saddle sandbag D600 empty

Empty D600 saddle sandbag


Saddle sandbag bfm,worn out

Filled up saddle sandbag after a hard a few weeks on set

Since the first bags broke down, we saw a problem and tried to make the bags last longer. This involved doubling or tripling the amount of seams in strategic places. The style that we produce now is made from highly durable 1100 den material, that resists a lot more rips and bruises than the original D600.  Now the seams have stronger threads and extra seams to secure a longer lifetime for the product.  The newer version has a D-ring on one side and can be hung as a counter weight.

Handle of 1100 den saddle sandbag

Extra seam rows to make the original style last longer


Saddle sandbag 1100 den

New more durable style of saddle sandbag