Monthly Archives: April 2015

2204, 2015

Camera equipment bag with removable pockets

Sewfu has had some busy times since opening. Out latest project has just ended and offered a lot of great experiences for the team. We had a task of putting a list of different equipment, used during a video shooting all in to one bag. Most of the gadgets were quite fragile and needed soft […]

1204, 2015

Time before Sewfu- lots of other great bags

During My cooperation with BFM, we had many different cases of “problems” to be solved. They had a lot of equipment that needed some covers and protection.

Bags had 2 main purposes: 1. to protect equipment and make the storage  and carrying to the set easier. 2. was to make the items easily recognizable.  Bags started to […]

204, 2015

Made to measure- Aircraft hand-luggage

One of my friends once told me that she needed to fly abroad, but did not find a good travel-bag to fit her laptop and clothes.  All the bags she saw in shops were in wrong size or too heavy. Plus she liked the idea of designing her own luggage. starting from outer measures and […]